# Guide

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# Install

Silkaj is written in Python3.

# install for Debian Buster or Ubuntu 19.04
sudo apt install silkaj
# OR install with PyPI
pip3 install silkaj --user

# Upgrade

pip3 install silkaj --user --upgrade

# For developers

See here for install development environment.

# Display help

silkaj --help
# or
silkaj -h

# Using authentification file

You can generate auth file with your identifier and password. When using this auth file, you can perform operations without be prompted each time.

This file is unsecure!

⚠️ This is the authentification file of your account ; don't put this file everywhere in your computer! Keep-it safe or delete it after using...

# Generate auth file

Create authfile in your current directory:

silkaj authfile

Create file with directory and name:

silkaj authfile --file /path/to/custom-authfile


# How to operate with authfile

Example of transaction, this command is executed in repertory which contains the authfile:

silkaj --auth-file tx --amount XX --output XXX --comment "tx with authfile"

Example, specifiing path file (-af = --auth-file):

silkaj -af --file /path/to/custom-authfile tx --amount XX --output XXX --comment "tx with authfile"

# Authentication methods

@todo doc... Scrypt, Seed, file, Ğannonce, (E)WIF

# Change default peer

Official Ğ1 and Ğ1-Test nodes are requested by default. You can use custom endpoint.

silkaj --peer g1.presles.fr:443 info
# or
silkaj -p g1.presles.fr:443 info

# Accounts and transactions

# Get key of account

silkaj id moul


# Wallet balance

silkaj balance 78ZwwgpgdH5uLZLbThUQH7LKwPgjMunYfLiCfUCySkM8


# Display transactions history

silkaj history 78ZwwgpgdH5uLZLbThUQH7LKwPgjMunYfLiCfUCySkM8


# Display transactions history with issuers (-u)

silkaj history 78ZwwgpgdH5uLZLbThUQH7LKwPgjMunYfLiCfUCySkM8 -u


# Send transaction

silkaj tx --amount XX --output GfKERHnJTYzKhKUma5h1uWhetbA8yHKymhVH2raf2aCP --comment "Thanks for Silkaj"


You will be prompted to confirm sending transaction


# Transaction in DU without confirmation (-y)

silkaj tx -y --amountUD XX --output GfKERHnJTYzKhKUma5h1uWhetbA8yHKymhVH2raf2aCP --comment "Thanks for Silkaj"


Be careful, you will NOT be prompted! This command is useful for automated transactions in program.


# Transaction with authfile

silkaj -af tx --amount XX --output GfKERHnJTYzKhKUma5h1uWhetbA8yHKymhVH2raf2aCP --comment "Thanks for Silkaj"

# Transaction to many accounts

Accounts should be separated by :

silkaj tx --amount 10 --output GfKERHnJTYzKhKUma5h1uWhetbA8yHKymhVH2raf2aCP:78ZwwgpgdH5uLZLbThUQH7LKwPgjMunYfLiCfUCySkM8

# Automate transactions

Create a recipients.txt file containing the list of the recipients keys:


To process automated transactions, Silkaj needs to have an authentication file allowing to spent money (--auth-file). To send 20DU to all accounts, just run the following command:

silkaj --auth-file tx --yes --amountUD 20 --output `cat recipients.txt | tr '\n' ':' | sed -e 's/:*$//'`


The --yes option won’t prompt a confirmation.

You could automate transaction with a crontab on your machine. Example:

0 0 1 * * silkaj --auth-file tx --yes --amountUD 20 --output `cat recipients.txt | tr '\n' ':' | sed -e 's/:*$//'`

# Information about network, currency and blockchain

# Display informations about network and currency

silkaj info


# Open currency license in your default browser

silkaj license


You will be prompted for language

# Display the current Proof of Work difficulty level to generate the next block

silkaj diffi


# Explore the blockchain

silkaj blocks


# Detailed view of the blockchain

silkaj blocks -d


# Get last 20 blocs

silkaj blocks 20
# Force detailed view (Compact view happen over 30 blocks)
# silkaj blocks 50 -d


# Web of Trust management

# Check sent and received certifications

silkaj wot moul


# Submit certification

silkaj cert moul