Powerfull and lightweight CLI for Duniter

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Perform transactions, consult wallets balance and history.

Web Of Trust

Explore certifications, consult the membership status of any given identity in the Web of Trust.

Network and blockchain

Display informations about the network. Explore the blockchain.

# Quick start

Silkaz is written with Python3.

# Install from Debian Buster or Ubuntu 19.04
sudo apt install silkaj
# OR install from PyPI
pip3 install silkaj --user

# Show help
silkaj -h

# What is it?

Silkaj is part of the Duniter project which aims at creating a currency that considers every member of the monetary community as an equal.

Within the framework of The Relative Theory of Money, all members of the community issue the same amount of money. This monetary equality is ensured by a Basic Income or an Universal Dividend (UD) which is issued by certified members. It is through the Web of Trust mechanism that individuals are able to certify each other and hence create the UD.

As for the methodology, the Duniter project chose a crypto-currency as foundation for its concept. In this regard, Duniter makes use of technologies such as cryptography, blockchain and Proof of Work. The UD is growing according to the monetary mass in circulation and the number of certified members in order to maintain spatial and temporal symmetry.

The first free currency, the so-called Ğ1, was first launched in 2017 alongside with the Ğ1-Test network for testing purposes.


silkaj tx --amount N --output GfKERHnJTYzKhKUma5h1uWhetbA8yHKymhVH2raf2aCP --comment "Thanks for Silkaj"


silkaj tx --amount N --output 78ZwwgpgdH5uLZLbThUQH7LKwPgjMunYfLiCfUCySkM8 --comment "Gift to Duniter project"

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